The 30-Day Online Journey to Unleash Your Inner Calm and Leave Frustration Behind

Master the Art of Serenity in Just 30 Days… Even If You've Struggled with Uncontrollable Anger for Years!

When Anger Overwhelms: Finding Your Path to Peace

Anger often strikes unexpectedly, disrupting peace and causing regret. It leads to a cycle of outbursts, strained relationships, and guilt, leaving you feeling out of control.

Yet, it is possible to overcome. Imagine mastering your anger, replacing frustration with calm understanding. Picture handling challenges with clarity and transforming conflicts into growth opportunities. 

Anger No More' is more than just an anger management course in the UK; it's a practical application for your day-to-day life, transforming your journey towards emotional balance into an attainable future.

Start this journey with us. Learn to control your emotions and leave uncontrolled anger behind.

The 30-Day Online Journey to Unleash Your Inner Calm and Leave Frustration Behind

'Anger No More' offers a transformative 30-day online course, designed for effective anger management and emotional balance. Tailored for the busy individual, this program provides a blend of expert-led video lessons, interactive exercises, community and tutor support. It's ideal for anyone seeking inner calm and improved relationships, empowering you to regain control over your emotions and free yourself from the constraints of uncontrolled anger.

Our course simplifies complex concepts into clear, straightforward language and actionable steps. Each lesson is filled with practical examples, individual assessments, and straightforward tasks making the learning process both informative and easily applicable in your daily life.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

"Anger No More" uniquely combines personalized anger management techniques with holistic emotional wellness strategies. It offers a transformative journey towards sustained peace and improved interpersonal relationships.

Luca Romano


Remarkable Changes: Calmer Temper, Improved Relationships

After completing 'Anger No More,' I've seen remarkable changes. The course's unique approach to anger management has not only calmed my temper but also improved my relationships. It's truly life-altering, offering both practical skills and deep emotional insights

Catherine Thomas

Art Director

Game-Changer: Lowered Stress, Enhanced Communication

After researching several online anger management courses in the UK, I found this one. It was a game-changer for me. The personalized strategies and comprehensive content have helped me understand and manage my anger in ways I never thought possible. My stress levels are down, and my communication skills have significantly improved.

Marie Jordan

Marketing Specialist

Transformed Emotional Well-Being: Balanced and in Control

This course is a must-do! It's not just about controlling anger; it's about transforming your entire emotional well-being. The lessons are engaging, and the support community is incredibly helpful. I feel more balanced and in control of my emotions now.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Anger No More!

Enrol in "Anger No More" for a flexible 30-day online course that reshapes your relationship with anger. Each day introduces a new lesson with engaging video lessons and practical exercises, taking just 15-30 minutes. You'll gain valuable anger management strategies, which will improve your emotional regulation and interpersonal skills for a calmer, more balanced life.


"Anger No More" provides practical techniques to enhance emotional regulation.

Our course teaches you to recognize and control your anger triggers, improving your composure in challenging situations. 

Experience a noticeable shift in how you handle stress, contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling emotional life.


This course not only focuses on self-improvement but also on enhancing your interpersonal dynamics.

By managing your anger, you'll see positive changes in your personal and professional relationships. Better communication and understanding characterize these changes. 

Strengthen bonds with partners, colleagues, and loved ones and foster a harmonious environment.


"Anger No More" provides long-term strategies and skills, equipping you with a lifetime of better anger management.

Our comprehensive approach includes advanced stress management techniques.

It also includes relationship enrichment strategies, ensuring a holistic improvement in your well-being.

Join Me on Your Journey to Emotional Mastery

Hi, I'm Matt McGinty, your guide in 'Anger No More.' As a professional dedicated to emotional wellness, I have created this course specifically for individuals facing the daily challenges of anger, particularly in high-pressure work environments.

I understand how unmanaged anger can overshadow both your personal and professional life. That's why 'Anger No More' is designed to do more than just manage anger; it aims to transform it into a positive force for growth and success.

If you're ready to transform your struggles with anger into a journey of personal development, this course is the first step. Let's embark on this path together towards a more controlled, successful, and fulfilling life.

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