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Welcome to your first step towards inner peace and mastery over anger. Dive into an enriching experience with our 'Anger No More' online course, complete with interactive materials, expert-led Zoom sessions, and a vibrant community forum for continuous support and growth.

Tutor Supported Calls

Tuesday at 4pm and Thursday at 12pm (GMT, London time).

Room: Matt Mcginty's Personal Meeting Room

Duration: 40min

Etiquette Guidelines: Feel free to keep your camera on or off, whichever suits you best. Please mute your microphone if there is background noise to maintain audio clarity for everyone.

Respect and courtesy towards others are paramount; avoid interrupting while someone is speaking. We encourage you to introduce yourself if you're comfortable doing so, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For any questions, feel free to ask them directly or use the chat feature for convenience.


Meeting ID: 340 656 4480

Passcode: EFm1Sw

Community Forum

"Welcome to our 'Anger No More' Facebook group! Here's how we can make our community supportive and beneficial for everyone:

Etiquette Rules

  • Introduce Yourself: Share a bit about yourself when you join. It's a great way to start connecting with others on a similar journey.
  • Stay Focused: Keep your posts and discussions course-related. Whether it's about managing anger or seeking support, let's stay on track.
  • Privacy Matters: What's shared here, stays here. Respect everyone's privacy and personal stories.
  • Be Positive and Supportive: Let's build each other up. Your encouraging words and constructive feedback can make a big difference.
  • Keep It Relevant: This isn't the place for self-promotion or ads. Let's keep our focus on the course and related topics.
  • Use the Search Bar: Got a question? Quick tip - use the search feature to check if it's already been answered.
  • Speak Up About Issues: If something bothers you, let the moderators know. We're here to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for you.
  • Stay Active: Regular participation enriches your experience and helps everyone learn more, so jump into discussions often!
  • Respect Varies Opinions: We all have unique experiences and viewpoints, especially when it comes to managing anger. Let's respect and learn from our diverse perspectives.



Remember, this group is your space to learn, share, and grow. Let's make the most of it together!"

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