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When Anger Overwhelms: Finding Your Path to Peace

Anger often strikes unexpectedly, disrupting peace and causing regret. It leads to a cycle of outbursts, strained relationships, and guilt, leaving you feeling out of control.

Yet, it is possible to overcome. Imagine mastering your anger, replacing frustration with calm understanding. Picture handling challenges with clarity and transforming conflicts into growth opportunities. 

This is not a dream but an attainable future. "Anger No More" offers more than anger management. It's a transformative journey towards emotional balance. It provides practical strategies for a controlled and fulfilling life.

Start this journey with us. Learn to control your emotions and leave uncontrolled anger behind.

Anger No More - Online Anger Management

'Anger No More' offers a transformative 30-day online course, designed for effective anger management and emotional balance. Tailored for the busy individual, this program provides a blend of expert-led video lessons, interactive exercises, community and tutor support. It's ideal for anyone seeking inner calm and improved relationships, empowering you to regain control over your emotions and free yourself from the constraints of uncontrolled anger.

Our course simplifies complex concepts into clear, straightforward language and actionable steps. Each lesson is filled with practical examples, individual assessments, and straightforward tasks making the learning process both informative and easily applicable in your daily life.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Enrol in "Anger No More" for a flexible 30-day online course that reshapes your relationship with anger. Each day introduces a new lesson with engaging video lessons and practical exercises, taking just 15-30 minutes. You'll gain valuable anger management strategies, which will improve your emotional regulation and interpersonal skills for a calmer, more balanced life.

Mastering Emotional Regulation

"Anger No More" provides practical techniques to enhance emotional regulation.

Our course teaches you to recognize and control your anger triggers, improving your composure in challenging situations. 

Experience a noticeable shift in how you handle stress, contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling emotional life.

Strengthening Relationships

This course not only focuses on self-improvement but also on enhancing your interpersonal dynamics.

By managing your anger, you'll see positive changes in your personal and professional relationships. Better communication and understanding characterize these changes. 

Strengthen bonds with partners, colleagues, and loved ones and foster a harmonious environment.

Long-Term Strategies for a Calmer Life

"Anger No More" provides long-term strategies and skills, equipping you with a lifetime of better anger management.

Our comprehensive approach includes advanced stress management techniques. It also includes relationship enrichment strategies, ensuring a holistic improvement in your well-being.

About Matt Mcginty

Meet Matt McGinty, a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM) and a recognized leader in online anger management classes in the UK. 

With a rich career dedicated to helping people master emotional regulation, Matt has empowered thousands to understand and control their anger. His approach is rooted in uncovering the underlying causes of anger and applying evidence-based techniques.

As a National Anger Management Association member, Matt's compassionate and insightful methods go beyond mere anger management, aiming to deepen the understanding of complex emotions and facilitate transformative results.

Happy customers

Mike Donnelly


Found peace and better control over anger

Matt's course was a game-changer. I've found peace and better control over my anger, leading to happier, more harmonious relationships.

Sofia Alvarez

Art Director

Transformed my life, improved communication

Transformative! I've learned to manage stress and communicate more effectively, significantly improving my personal and professional interactions.

Nia Thomas

Marketing Specialist

Insightful and practical, brought calmness and balance

Highly recommend! The course is insightful and practical, bringing much-needed calmness and balance to my daily life.

Course Modules


Module 1: Unveiling the Mystery of Anger

Dive into the heart of anger - Unravel its true nature, debunk myths, and master the art of transforming it from a disruptive force into a controllable habit.


Module 2: Detecting the Storm: Signs and Symptoms of Anger

Become an anger detective – Learn to spot the subtle and overt clues of anger in its physical, emotional, and behavioural manifestations.


Module 3: Anger in Dialogue: Mastering Communication

Revolutionise your conversations – Sharpen your communication skills to channel anger constructively and transition from aggression to assertiveness.


Module 4: Anger Alchemy: Transforming Fury into Serenity

Master the art of calm – Acquire practical relaxation and cognitive techniques to turn the tide on anger and navigate stressful situations with ease.


Module 5: Harmony over Discord: Anger in Relationships

Forge stronger bonds – Uncover the impact of anger on relationships and learn transformative conflict resolution and empathy-building strategies.


Module 6: Blueprint for Anger-Free Living

Chart your path to tranquillity – Develop comprehensive strategies for enduring anger prevention and management, and adopt lifestyle changes for sustained emotional balance.


Module 7: Anger's Many Faces: Tackling Special Challenges

Confront anger’s unique battlegrounds – Tackle specific anger challenges like workplace conflicts and road rage, and master managing both your and your children's anger.


Module 8: The Anger Management Lab: Real-World Training

Bring theory into action – Engage in dynamic role-plays, analyse case studies, and participate in group discussions to apply and refine your anger management skills in real-life scenarios.

High Success and Satisfaction: "Anger No More"

With an impressive 90% completion rate and high student satisfaction, "Anger No More" stands out for its effectiveness and engaging approach.


Completion Rate


Improvement in managing emotional responses


Enhancements in personal and professional relationships.

Key Benefits of 'Anger No More': Transforming Your Learning Experience

Here's why our students find great success and satisfaction with our course:

Tailored Flexibility

Fit the course into your busy schedule with self-paced progress and lifetime access to course materials.

Practical and Applicable

Learn through easy-to-understand, real-life strategies that make complex theories relatable and manageable.

Ongoing Support and Community

Benefit from regular check-ins, an active support group, and personalized guidance to stay motivated.

Engaging and Inspirational Learning

Enjoy a dynamic learning experience with interactive video lessons, discussions, and practical exercises.

Adaptable to Individual Needs

The course caters to a variety of needs and scenarios, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for every participant.

Convenient and Accessible

Access the course on any device, anywhere, anytime, integrating seamlessly into your daily life.


Enhance your journey with our specially designed bonuses, crafted to complement and deepen your learning experience. These bonuses aren't just add-ons; they're key parts of your transformative journey with 'Anger No More'.

Course Bonuses

Unlock Anger Mastery with Our Comprehensive E-Book/Guide

Delve into our comprehensive e-book for an in-depth understanding of anger management.

This guide is enriched with stress reduction methods and advanced communication tactics, making it an invaluable tool for both personal and professional growth.

It also includes real-life examples to help improve relationships once you have your anger under control.

Enhance Your Journey with Exclusive Zoom Calls and Q&A Sessions

Engage in our exclusive Zoom calls and live Q&A sessions.

These interactive events provide deeper insights and discussions on crucial topics, enhancing your learning journey.

Tailored for busy schedules, the sessions are held thrice weekly and recorded for convenient access anytime.

Join Our Supportive Community for Ongoing Growth and Connection

Become part of our exclusive online community. Here, you can connect with peers, share experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions about the course content.

This platform offers continuous guidance and resources, vital for ongoing learning and personal development in anger management.

Even after completing the course, you're invited to remain in the group, providing support and coaching to others, reinforcing your own mastery.

Exclusive Benefits and Personalized Support: Elevating Your Anger Management Journey

Discover the unique advantages of our 'Anger No More' course, designed to offer you unparalleled personalized support and comprehensive resources. Embark on a transformative journey with exclusive benefits that extend to your loved ones, ensuring a holistic approach to managing anger.

Enrolment Letter and Post-Completion Certificates

Receive an enrolment letter upon joining, and completion certificates after finishing the course.

Unlimited Access to Your Course Tutor

Get unlimited access to your tutor, Matt McGinty, for calls, emails, and messages, ensuring you receive prompt support whenever needed.

Complimentary Access For Your Loved Ones

Extend the benefits of learning to your family with free course access, enabling shared growth and understanding. 

Individual Assessments for Rapid Progress

Receive tailored assessments to identify your specific anger management needs, ensuring a faster and more effective learning experience.

What Makes "Anger No More" Exceptionally Different

"Anger No More" is not your typical anger management program. Our course stands out with its holistic and transformative approach. It addresses anger not as an isolated emotion, but also as part of your overall wellness journey.

  1. Tailored for Individual Success: Our course is customized to your unique anger experiences, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  2. Personalised Tutor Feedback: Share your progress and receive direct feedback and guidance from experts. 
  3. Focus on Rebuilding Relationship: Specialised support to repair and enhance relationships affected by anger.
  4. Engaging Learning Experience:  Interactive lessons, supportive community, and ongoing support keep you motivated.
  5. Simplified Learning Approach: Complex ideas are presented in easy-to-understand segments for manageable learning.
  6. Clear, Structured Learning: Organised in well-defined steps for a coherent and confusion-free experience.
  7. Enjoyable and Interactive Content: Engaging exercises and video lessons make learning enjoyable and inspiring.
  8. Self-Paced Progression: Learn at your own pace, building confidence gradually.
  9. Flexible and Time-Efficient:  Designed for busy lifestyles, fitting learning into your schedule easily.
  10. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:  Learn on any device, anytime, anywhere, for maximum convenience.

"Anger No More" is more than an anger management course—it's a pathway to a healthier, more balanced life. It combines physical health, emotional well-being, and relationship harmony, offering a transformational journey toward a more fulfilling life.

Understanding the True Value of "Anger No More"

This course isn't only an educational experience. It's an investment in your emotional well-being and interpersonal relationships.

The benefits extend far beyond the course materials, equipping you with anger management and emotional regulation strategies.

You're investing in a lifetime of improved communication, reducing stress and enhancing personal and professional growth.


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Enrol Now for Transformative Change!



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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team. They'll help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

"Anger No More" uniquely combines personalized anger management techniques with holistic emotional wellness strategies. It offers a transformative journey towards sustained peace and improved interpersonal relationships.

Luca Romano


Remarkable Changes: Calmer Temper, Improved Relationships

After completing 'Anger No More,' I've seen remarkable changes. The course's unique approach to anger management has not only calmed my temper but also improved my relationships. It's truly life-altering, offering both practical skills and deep emotional insights

Catherine Thomas

Art Director

Game-Changer: Lowered Stress, Enhanced Communication

After researching several online anger management courses in the UK, I found this one. It was a game-changer for me. The personalized strategies and comprehensive content have helped me understand and manage my anger in ways I never thought possible. My stress levels are down, and my communication skills have significantly improved.

Marie Jordan

Marketing Specialist

Transformed Emotional Well-Being: Balanced and in Control

This course is a must-do! It's not just about controlling anger; it's about transforming your entire emotional well-being. The lessons are engaging, and the support community is incredibly helpful. I feel more balanced and in control of my emotions now.

Discovering the Path to Inner Peace:

The Creation of "Anger No More"

I remember a pivotal evening, dimly lit by a single flickering candle. My partner's eyes, filled with sadness and frustration, met mine. "We can't go on like this. Your anger is tearing us apart," she said. This moment was a wake-up call, highlighting the destructive path of my uncontrolled anger and the urgent need for change.

That night marked the start of my journey and the birth of 'Anger No More'. Born out of personal necessity, it became a lifeline for myself and others struggling with similar emotional turmoil. Transitioning from a business career to a qualified counselor, I specialized in anger management, channeling my experiences and insights into creating this transformative course.

'Anger No More' is founded on the belief that mastering anger can be an enlightening and empowering journey. It's a comprehensive program combining personal support and practical, self-paced learning to guide you towards emotional mastery and a calmer life.

Matt Mcginty

Founder of Anger No More


1. What Is "Anger No More" About?

'Anger No More' is a comprehensive online course focused on effective anger management and emotional well-being. It combines theory with practical strategies for real-life application.

2. Who Should Enrol and Course Duration?

This course is suitable for anyone seeking to manage anger and improve emotional regulation. The course spans 30 days, but comes with lifetime access, offering flexible, self-paced learning.

3. Access to Course Content and Personalised Support:

You'll have immediate access to all modules upon enrolment. Personalised support is available, including access to your tutor and a supportive online community.

4. Course Requirements and Satisfaction Guarantee:

There are no prerequisites, making it accessible to everyone. If you're not satisfied, a 30-day money-back guarantee is in place for peace of mind.

5. Course Accessibility and Certification:

There are no specific prerequisites for "Anger No More". Access the course on multiple devices at your convenience. Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate to acknowledge your achievement.

6. Understanding Bonuses and Adapting to Individual Needs:

Bonuses enhance your learning experience and are available throughout the course. The content adapts to different individual needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

7. Course Content and Engagement:

The course content is designed to be engaging and understandable, breaking down complex concepts into digestible segments. Interactive lessons and practical exercises make learning enjoyable.

8. Support for All Skill Levels and Time Commitment:

We support learners of all levels, with no pressure to excel immediately. The course is time-efficient and flexible, fitting easily into busy schedules.

9. What Sets 'Anger No More' Apart From Other Courses?

'Anger No More' stands out compared to other online anger management courses in the UK due to its holistic approach, combining anger management with emotional wellness, tailored flexibility, and comprehensive support.

Join Now: Start Your Calm Journey

Embark on a transformative path to emotional mastery and lasting peace with 'Anger No More.'

Personal Note From Matt

I'm Matt, the creator of "Anger No More." This course is deeply personal, born from my battles with anger.

It's about understanding and managing emotions for a more fulfilling life.

Time is precious, and committing to a new course can be a big step. That's why "Anger No More" offers lifetime access to all modules. Additionally, you'll have access to our supportive community and personalized tutor support for you and your loved ones for as long as you need it. 

This flexibility means you can learn at your own pace, fitting the course around your life and commitments.

I understand the hesitation that comes with trying something new. You might wonder if this course is different from what you were looking for. To provide peace of mind, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the course isn't right for you, there's a risk-free opportunity to opt-out.

Furthermore, if you complete all the core lessons, attend some group calls, and participate in the Facebook community group and still don't see an improvement in your anger management, I'll offer a full refund, regardless of how much time has passed.

I offer this because I am confident in your success.

This course is more than just strategies; it's an investment in transforming your life. 

It's about addressing the high stakes of unresolved anger. It's about learning to turn the page towards control, calm, and thriving relationships.

Join me on this journey.

Together, let's work towards better emotional control and well-being.

PS: Concerned about completing the course? Don’t worry. With lifetime access, you can progress at your own pace. Plus, our dedicated course tutors will periodically check in with you, offering reminders, support, and encouragement when you need it, ensuring you have all the assistance to succeed in your journey.