In this insightful video, we delve into the crucial topic of identifying and managing anger triggers. Understanding what sparks our anger is the first step toward effective anger management. Here's a brief overview of the key points covered in the video:

  • Recognising Anger Triggers: We begin by emphasising the importance of identifying personal anger triggers. This is crucial for timely intervention before an anger outburst occurs.
  • Awareness is Key: Since anger is a rapid emotion, knowing your triggers allows you to intervene before losing control.
  • The Role of Journaling: We discuss how keeping a journal, even in a simple form on your phone or a piece of paper, can help you recognise patterns that trigger anger and understand your body's reactions during these moments.
  • Noticing Signs of Anger: It's essential to be aware of the signs of anger as they occur. This awareness is vital in managing anger effectively.
  • Understanding Frustrations and Anger Buildup: The video highlights the importance of noting not just major outbursts but minor frustrations, as these can accumulate and lead to an enormous anger response.
  • Different Types of Triggers: We explore various triggers, including external ones like conflicts, daily hassles, and injustices, and internal ones like stress, psychological factors, and cognitive distortions.
  • Reflective Analysis: Reflecting on recent incidents of anger, identifying triggers, and considering how these influenced your response are critical steps in anger management.
  • Future Steps for Management: We encourage viewers to think about steps they can take in the future to address and better manage these triggers.
  • Introduction to the "Anger Iceberg": The video concludes with an introduction to the concept of the "anger iceberg," suggesting that anger is sometimes a secondary emotion with an underlying primary emotion.

This video is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing your anger triggers, providing practical advice and encouraging self-reflection. Tune in for valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate and control your anger more effectively. 

About the Author

Matt, a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM) and member of the National Anger Management Association, excels in guiding clients to emotional wellness. His methods blend deep understanding with compassionate support, helping countless individuals achieve lasting emotional balance and healthier relationships. Matt's approachable and insightful therapy makes him a trusted expert in anger management.

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