The lesson presents a unique perspective on anger, framing it as a habit rather than just an emotion. This approach has greatly benefited many clients, offering new insights and empowerment. The concept revolves around understanding anger as a deeply ingrained habit, similar to other routines like checking your phone first thing in the morning. Recognising this can be a crucial first step in altering one's response to anger.

Central to this idea is the 'habit loop,' derived from Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit." This loop consists of three elements:

  • The cue (or trigger).
  • The routine (emotional and physical response).
  • The reward (the outcome that reinforces the habit).

For example, in anger, the cue might be a specific event that sparks anger, the routine could involve yelling or brooding, and the reward might be a sense of release or validation.

Understanding and identifying these elements in personal experiences of anger is critical to changing this habit. It's emphasised that the brain is adaptable and can forge new paths so that you can alter habitual reactions to anger. However, changing this habit requires time and effort, typically a few weeks to months of sustained effort. The overall message is one of hope and possibility: with dedication, one can transform one's anger habit into healthier emotional responses.

This insight is particularly relevant for stressed professionals who struggle with anger issues, especially in the workplace. It offers a practical framework for understanding and managing emotions, essential for personal growth and professional success.

About the Author

Matt, a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM) and member of the National Anger Management Association, excels in guiding clients to emotional wellness. His methods blend deep understanding with compassionate support, helping countless individuals achieve lasting emotional balance and healthier relationships. Matt's approachable and insightful therapy makes him a trusted expert in anger management.

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