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Virtual Anger Management Therapy Sessions UK - Expert Online Coaching for Emotional Balance

"I have noticed so many improvements in my anger management and overall mental wellbeing since our work together.

I would recommend Matt to anyone!!!"

eddy miller

Insights to Inspire: Navigating the Path to Calmer Seas

Transform Your Relationship with Anger: Personalized Anger Management Sessions

Are you struggling with anger that feels uncontrollable and overwhelming? You're not alone. Embark on a journey towards understanding and mastering your emotions with personalized anger management coaching in the UK.

Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs. Recognizing that everyone's experience with anger is different, I offer customized therapy addressing a range of issues, from occasional frustration to more persistent challenges. 

Challenges I Address:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by seemingly uncontrollable anger.
  • Worries that your nature is unchangeable, and anger will always be a part of you.
  • Concerns about damaged relationships due to past outbursts.

How I Can Help:

  • Uncover and understand the root causes of your anger for effective control.
  • Learn that positive change is not only possible but within reach.
  • Strategies to repair, rebuild, and strengthen your key relationships.

Seeking help is a sign of courage, not weakness. Let's work together to find effective strategies to transform your anger into a positive force in your life.

Schedule your session now and take the first step towards a more peaceful existence.

About me

As a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM), my coaching is grounded in accredited training and proven methods.

I'm Matthew Mcginty, your anger management specialist in the UK, and a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM). As a counselor and coach, I bring a unique perspective shaped by my own struggles with anger. I understand the frustration and helplessness it can bring, and I’m committed to helping others navigate this challenging emotion.

My approach combines personal insights with professional expertise, offering a safe space for open discussion and active work on effective anger management techniques. Having personally benefited from the methods I now teach, I am passionate about guiding others to understand and manage their anger.

Join me in transforming the way you respond to anger, leading to a more peaceful and balanced life.

Experience the Difference with a Specialist in Online Anger Management

Discover personalized virtual anger management support in the UK, offering confidential guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Specialist Expertise

Benefit from dedicated training and years of experience in Anger Management, ensuring you receive focused and effective guidance.

Secure and Confidential

Utilize a secure video platform for your sessions, offering greater confidentiality than standard tools like Skype or Zoom, without needing an account or password.

Flexible Scheduling Without the Commitment

Experience the freedom of therapy with no contractual obligation.

Pay per session and choose a schedule that works for you - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

This flexibility ensures that your therapy adapts to your life, not the other way around.

Cost-Effective Therapy

Our online anger management sessions, priced at just £40 each, offer an exceptional value.

You'll experience the benefits of personalized therapy from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and money on travel. 

With my specialized expertise and convenient scheduling, including evening and weekend slots, you get the same high-quality support as in-person therapy at a fraction of the cost. Embrace this cost-effective way to improve your well-being.

What our Clients Say

Every client's journey is unique. As an online anger management therapist in the UK, I blend innovative strategies with traditional techniques for a personalized roadmap.

Abbi Thompson

UI/UX Designer

Matt is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener. Matt allows you to explore how you feel in your own time without any pressure or judgement. Therapy was the best decision I made.

Suzanne Steel


Matt is kind, caring, and a wonderful listener. He is never judgemental, always encouraging. He gives a new perspective and helps guide you through what you are going through. He has helped me through so much. 

Pat Lane


 During our sessions, I always feel safe and free to share anything I am going through knowing that I won't be judged. I feel really listened and Matt has great patience and shows genuine empathy.

Empowering Your Anger Management Journey

Discover how our tailored approach in anger management therapy offers comprehensive support, personalized guidance, and a path to lasting emotional empowerment.

Comprehensive Follow-Up Strategies

 Offering thorough follow-up strategies to ensure consistency and lasting change in anger management.

Ongoing Support System

Providing continuous support to keep you motivated and engaged throughout your journey.

Progress Tracking

Each session includes progress tracking to tailor the approach as you evolve, helping you stay on track.

Non-Judgmental Learning Environment

Therapy sessions are a safe and non-judgmental space, suitable for learning and growth.

Catering to All Stages of Anger Management

Whether you're just beginning or refining existing strategies, we cater to all stages of anger management.

Personalized and Patient Approach

I ensure each step of your journey is met with understanding and patient, personalized support.

Focus on Progress and Empowerment

Guiding and assisting you at every step, with a focus on your personal progress and empowerment.

Booking Your Session is Easy:


Book Online

Choose your preferred time for a session using my online calendar.


Follow the Link

Just click the link sent in your confirmation email at the scheduled time.


Start the Conversation

We'll dive right into discussing your current anger management challenges and explore how I can assist you.

Anger Management Therapy for Enhanced Well-Being

Navigating the complexities of anger with expert anger management advice online can transform your life. If you're feeling overwhelmed, Anger Management Counselling offers the guidance needed for transformative change.

In our Anger Management Sessions, you'll:

  • Delve into the underlying causes of your anger.
  • Explore the latest insights from medical research on anger.
  • Master practical and effective techniques for managing anger.

Managing difficult emotions is challenging, but positive change is within reach.

With my extensive experience in Anger Management Coaching, I'm here to guide you towards improved well-being.

My journey from struggling with anger to mastering it infuses real-life understanding and empathy into each session.

Schedule Your Initial 45-Minute Session Easily Through Our Online Booking System

Embark on a journey to a calmer, more relaxed, and joyful life with targeted guidance. In our first session, priced at £40, we'll delve into your unique challenges, set clear objectives, and ensure we're a good fit for each other. This session also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The £40 fee is payable after the first appointment.

And remember, your satisfaction is paramount. If you’re not entirely happy with our initial session, then there is no need to pay. Ready to begin this transformative journey? Schedule your appointment using the calendar below.


What can I expect in my first anger management session?

In your first session, we'll discuss your specific anger management challenges, outline your goals, and determine the best approach to address your needs.

How long does each session last and what is the cost?

Each session is 45 minutes long, priced at £40. Payment is required upon booking. If you're not satisfied with our first session, I offer a no-questions-asked refund.

Are the sessions confidential and secure?

Absolutely. Confidentiality is paramount, and we use a secure video platform to ensure your privacy. No account or password is required for your sessions.

How does online anger management coaching compare to in-person sessions?

Online coaching offers the same level of personalization and effectiveness as in-person sessions, with added convenience and cost-efficiency. You can access support from anywhere, fitting sessions into your busy schedule.

Are you a registered therapist?

Yes, I'm registered with the National Counselling Society (Registration No: NCS22-00038). Please see, MATTHEW MCGINTY | Accredited Counsellor | NCS (nationalcounsellingsociety.org). I am also a certified Anger Management Specialist and a member of the National Anger Management Association. Click here to learn more.

What methods or techniques do you use in your coaching?

I utilize a range of evidence-based techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness strategies, and personalized coping mechanisms, tailored to each client's unique situation.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies based on individual needs and goals. We will regularly assess your progress and adjust the plan as needed to ensure the most effective outcome.

Can I book sessions outside of regular working hours?

Yes, to accommodate different schedules, I offer sessions in the evenings and on weekends.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life can be unpredictable. You can reschedule or cancel your session with sufficient notice. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.

What makes your virtual anger management therapy sessions in the UK different from others?

Our virtual anger management support UK service is distinct for its personalized approach and professional expertise. I, Matthew Mcginty, am not just an anger management specialist in the UK but also a compassionate coach dedicated to your unique journey. With personalized anger management coaching tailored to your individual needs, I provide more than just therapy; I offer a partnership in developing long-term strategies for emotional well-being. My online anger management therapy sessions are crafted to fit your schedule and are conducted in a secure, confidential virtual space, ensuring comfort and ease. Whether it’s expert anger management advice online or comprehensive coaching you’re seeking, I am here to assist with professional guidance. The goal is to empower you with the tools for lasting change, making our service more than just anger management online coaching UK—it's a transformative experience.