About Me

You've the strength and the heart, but managing anger feels like climbing a mountain with no peak in sight. You're seeking harmony, longing to transform heated frustration into constructive communication.

Yet anger seems like a complicated maze. Identifying triggers, finding calm in the storm, and communicating effectively – these skills seem out of reach.

I know this path all too well. I once juggled a successful career, but beneath the surface, I was battling waves of anger in my personal life. The wake-up call came loud and clear when my relationships started to bear the brunt of my uncontrolled emotions. That's when I realized change wasn't just necessary but imperative.

But navigating through this turbulence took a lot of work. It was a challenging journey that required me to confront and understand the complexities of my emotions.

In 2017, I embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from my business career to becoming a qualified counsellor. This path involved undergoing therapy, training, and group work. Once eligible, I specialized in providing anger support. As I helped hundreds of clients overcome their anger issues, I recognized an opportunity to add even more value.

While informative, many books on the market were dense and challenging for students to engage with. That's why I wrote 'Mastering the Storm: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Anger.' I designed this book to be light and accessible. It offers practical tips for controlling anger in an easy-to-read, light-hearted manner.

This philosophy that learning doesn't have to be difficult drives my work. It's why I developed 'Anger No More', a course that combines the support of individual counselling sessions with material you can learn at your own pace.

It's more than a set of lessons; it's a blueprint for anyone seeking to understand and control their anger. It's the culmination of everything I've learned and experienced, crafted to help you find balance.

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Let's begin this journey together – a journey towards mastering not just your anger but your life.