Turn Anger into a Catalyst for Stronger Relationships

I specialise in anger management coaching and offer a comprehensive online course tailored to anger mastery and relationship improvement 

mATT MCginty


Anger can ruin relationships, but you don't have to suffer. A leopard can change its spots.

" After having some unsuitable therapists I’m glad I discovered Matt, he has a comforting, laid back and helpful approach that really works for me.

He has a unique way of listening and adding ‘food for thought’ type questions that help me figure out solutions for myself.

I have noticed so many improvements in my anger management and overall mental wellbeing since our work together.

I would recommend Matt to anyone!!!"



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Explore our key offerings tailored for your journey to well-being: online course, anger coaching, and e-book.

Online Course

Explore Our Targeted Online Course for Effective Anger Management

Comprehensive, interactive modules tailored for professionals, focusing on practical strategies and flexible, self-paced learning.

Anger Coaching

Personalized Anger Coaching for Emotional and Relationship Mastery

One-on-one sessions offering customized strategies and supportive guidance to transform anger into assertive communication and leadership skills.


Comprehensive e-book: "Mastering the Storm: Anger Management Insights".

A concise guide exploring the psychology of anger, with practical steps for identification, understanding, and effective management.

Praise and Testimonials

Matt has been a fantastic support to me and continues to be so. Listens non-judgementally and helps arrive at solutions, very knowledge on lots of areas. Would highly recommend to anyone.


If you are looking for support and guidance or simply someone kind and empathetic to talk to then I would thoroughly recommend Matt .


Has been and still continues to be a great help in dealing with all kinds of issues and hard times.


Our sessions with Matt have been really useful. He is very knowledgeable and has helped us to learn lots of strategies to strengthen our communication with each other.


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About Matt McGinty

Matt, a Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM), is renowned for his expertise in helping individuals understand and manage anger. As a member of the National Anger Management Association, he has successfully guided countless clients towards emotional wellness.

Matt's approach combines deep insight with compassionate guidance, empowering clients to achieve lasting emotional balance. His dedication to fostering healthy relationships and personal growth makes him a trusted and approachable figure in the realm of anger management therapy.

Anger Mastery: Your Essential FAQs

How does anger management contribute to personal development in the UK?

In the UK, mastering anger management is a crucial step towards personal development. It's not just about controlling outbursts, but also about understanding and channelling your emotions constructively. Our programs focus on developing self-awareness, enhancing emotional intelligence, and fostering resilience.

What types of online anger management resources do you offer in the UK?

Our comprehensive suite of online anger management resources in the UK includes interactive courses, insightful e-books, free quizzes, and personalized coaching sessions. These resources are designed to be accessible and engaging, offering practical tools and strategies for managing anger effectively.

Can you describe your holistic approach to anger management in the UK?

Our holistic anger management approach in the UK addresses anger not just as an isolated issue, but in the context of your overall well-being. We integrate techniques from various disciplines, focusing on emotional, mental, and relational aspects to provide a well-rounded and effective anger management strategy.

What makes your online anger management programs in the UK stand out?

Our online anger management programs in the UK are distinguished by their flexibility, interactivity, and personalization. They are crafted to fit the diverse needs of our clients, with an emphasis on practical application and ongoing support.

How can someone in the UK get online help for anger management?

Getting online help for anger management in the UK is straightforward. Our website has various options to explore, from our dynamic online courses to one-on-one coaching. Our expert team is dedicated to providing supportive and effective guidance every step of the way.